Cooking for Men


Jet Age Cooking is the ideal companion for discerning men who enjoy cooking for their own pleasure and possess a hearty appetite; an appetite for lush living from the era of la dolce vita.

Many such individuals have discovered that most widely available recipes often produce disappointing results when reduced to single servings. Dishes that require braising as an example, will likely turn out sub-par when reduced to a single portion as there will be insufficient liquid specified to adequately cover the bottom of even the smallest roasting pan, resulting in an excessively dry or even partially carbonized result.

Veal Milanese Four Seasons. This simple sautéed cutlet clothed in breadcrumbs, lemon zest and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese was a favorite among Manhattan’s movers and shakers at the Grill Room of the Four Seasons restaurant in the early ’60s.

Conventional cookbooks also lack the necessary degree of precision that is paramount in proportioning ingredients in preparation of a single serving. A measurement off by a few grams or a 1/4 teaspoon in preparing four-to-six servings is likely to go unnoticed. In cooking a single serving however, the same degree of error will radically alter the flavor of the finished product.

Jet Age Cooking advocates use of a kitchen scale for optimum results and all key ingredients are delineated in grams and ounces accordingly. For the average home chef, a scale is a useful accoutrement; to properly and consistently prepare a single serving, it is a necessity.

Filet of Beef à la TWA. This delectable entrée was a featured selection on the 1968 menu of Trans World Airlines’ first-class Foreign Accent Service.

Filet of Beef à la TWA. This delectable entrée was a featured selection on the 1968 menu of Trans World Airlines’ first-class Foreign Accent Service.

Lastly, there are few cooking resources exclusively tailored for single man with a lusty appetite. Most recipes; proportioned to produce four servings, are averaged over projected appetites of either two adults and two children, or two adult men and two adult women. According to a 2002 USDA study, men eat 24% more than women.

When a hungry gourmet reduces the ingredient quantities of such recipes to a single serving he will likely be left unsatiated, necessitating the hasty assembly of a cheese platter, or a reach for his phone in a quest to have a dessert delivered.

Jet Age Cooking avoids these pitfalls facing the solo chef by presenting luscious meals that are precisely optimized for single-serving success and amply proportioned for hefty appetites.

As icing on the cake, Jet Age Cooking eschews mainstream recipes de jour and over-emphasis on healthy eating in favor of an embrace of timeless classics from a decade of decadent hedonism when good food meant full-bodied flavor and excitement.


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