“I Do Love a Man Who Can Cook” – Emma Bunton

JK - 1 (9)Enjoy creating and savoring the tasty cuisine of 1960s JAC300jet setters and secret agents with Jet Age Cooking for the Bachelor Gourmet. Pour a Manhattan to enjoy while preparing lush Steak Diane, Spaghetti Maria Grazia, Filet of Beef à la TWA and other classic Jet Age cuisine.

A multi-touch, multimedia eBook for iPhone and iPad, Jet Age Cooking displays measurements and temperatures in all popular international formats. Each recipe is accompanied by a lavish photograph of the finished dish, accented with period-correct tableware and accessories.

60s Fashion An investment in the art of living, Jet Age Cooking is ideal for the man about town who cooks more for pleasure than necessity. Recipes are precisely scaled for a solo serving and are easily doubled for entertaining à deux. It contains a tightly focused selection of international favorites that were staples of upscale restaurants in the 1960s.

The decade was an auspicious era not only for art, architecture and design, but for fine dining as well. The newly burgeoning popularity of jet travel enabled many gourmands to enjoy firsthand exposure to an array of exotic cuisine without requiring the time investment of lengthy ocean voyages. Health considerations took a distant backseat to flavor, extravagance and spectacle.

Jet AgeCelebrating the rich culinary indulgence of this epoch, Jet Age Cooking is a compilation of recipes carefully curated for lush, hearty flavor as well as ease of preparation and cleanup. None of the recipes require use of a blender or food processor; most require little more than a pan, knife and spoon. This simplicity makes the majority of the dishes eminently suitable for preparation not only in your penthouse or château, but also in the galley of your boat or the kitchenette of your pied-à-terre.

For those willing to sink their teeth more deeply into the era of elegance and swank, Jet Age Cooking includes a list of complementary musical recommendations featuring classics from Frank Sinatra, Matt Monro, Dave Brubeck, Sérgio Mendez and other artists from the apogee of suavité.

JK - 1 (22)

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